S4S Technical Features

Because S4S is purpose-built to integrate Sitecore and Salesforce it has been possible to create a highly integrated connector that maximizes the performance features of both end-points.

Some of the technical features that S4S provides are listed below:

  • Establishes and controls Salesforce.com session state
  • Provides data type mapping between Salesforce and .NET
  • Automates schema (meta-data) caching for Salesforce object fields and data types to reduce API calls and improve performance
  • Entity caching that can be implemented to retrieve object data from Salesforce and add it to a local cache with a configurable expiration time
  • Compresses API calls to improve performance
  • Batches results to Salesforce to reduce API count
  • Controls page size of query results from Salesforce
  • Automatically bulkifies operations to and from Salesforce
  • Predictive recursive descent parser to process complex SOQL queries
  • T4 generator to create strongly typed classes for Salesforce objects
  • Supports proxy servers for connection to Salesforce
  • Handles Salesforce case insensitivity
  • Utilizes standard Sitecore logging
  • If Salesforce becomes inaccessible the website stays functional
  • Can establish Salesforce sessions using SessionId and ServerUrl for embedding scenarios in customers Salesforce instances
  • Use the S4S Mapping wizard to map a WFFM form to any Sitecore object
  • Use the S4S Mapping wizard to push DMS data, along with form data, to a Salesforce lead or contact

With these S4S features, you can efficiently view/create/update/delete any object in Salesforce from Sitecore - including standard and custom objects. Sitecore data is similarly exposed to Salesforce. S4S uses the Partner API to communicate with Salesforce. A dedicated API user is assigned in Salesforce so when new records are created, the "Created By" field will always be the API user. It is easy to control the user's security permissions at a granular level against each Salesforce object.

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