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FuseIT are enterprise software consultants with a history of building medium to very large systems and strategically integrating them with existing best of breed products.

We partner with local and international companies that use our experience to create solutions that make their business and brands work better.

Salesforce® Professional Services

Providing professional services is all about experience. While innovation and creativity are clearly important, nothing beats the collective history of implementing similar projects with tried and proven processes. This accumulation of knowledge, and passion to improve the quality of our deliverables, are the reason we guarantee project success.

A Salesforce® Consulting Partner since 2008, FuseIT have been involved in numerous Salesforce implementations around the world, including projects for Fortune 500 companies and some of Australasia's largest organizations. Our senior team are very approachable and include a Salesforce MVP as well as Salesforce® architects, and developers widely acknowledged for their specialist skills.

FuseIT can provide individual experts or entire teams to local or international organizations that will benefit from our range of Salesforce skills.

Sitecore Professional Services

Since 2008, FuseIT has been building Sitecore websites for enterprise companies around the world. Examples of our websites can be found in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Oman, United Kingdom and the United States.

FuseIT collaborate with clients directly to determine the best ways to create, and measure the success of, software projects. This often requires a phased approach with rapid prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. Senior members of the team ensure effort is put into creating real deliverables rather than presentations and arbitrary intangibles.

Today it is normal to expect change so our project processes allow for this. As clients see successive iterative releases they are encouraged to make changes if these are beneficial to their ultimate business goal. The objective is flexibility, fluidity and transparency.

FuseIT strongly believe in accountability. This is assured when working as a combined team as all the whole group is aware of task and effort across the scope of the project.

Microsoft Enterprise Services

FuseIT has been a Microsoft partner since 1993 and Microsoft development technologies are still important today with each member of the team having one or more relevant certifications. Our project structure follows the Microsoft Solution Framework which fundamentally ensures that the key stakeholders in software projects all have equal visibility and input to the decision making process. This fits our objective to partner with our clients rather than selling ourselves as detached external consults.

FuseIT started developing enterprise Microsoft solutions in the late 90's when we created the huge transaction based real estate application, SureClose®. By 2006 SureClose® was rendering 2800 web pages via a server farm with 20 production servers. SureClose® had a SQL Server database containing 1.6 TB of data and file system with over 12 TB of document storage. The system accessed over 1 million stored procedures every hour and stored the transaction data of 2.6 million real estate deals. The advanced skills required to develop this system have been used to help many clients since, and is largely available to our clients today.

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