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At FuseIT our strength in the Microsoft space comes from our development history in the enterprise space, long-term retention of key staff, and vibrant interchange of ideas within the team - we love what we do!

It's not just the technology we enjoy, it's also the way we wow clients with business opportunities that reduce costs and generate revenue. FuseIT has streamlined the business processes of companies across the globe by replacing legacy systems and developing custom web and cloud applications.


Enterprise Consulting

We start by learning about your business first. We are always looking to step back and get an understanding of the bigger picture before we even start to look at solutions and technologies.

Next, we understand your current processes, any existing pain points and the impact changing the existing system will have on customers, system users, administrators, and your company in general.

Finally, we look at your technologies and will present ideas on how best to solve your business challenges based on our experience.


Enterprise Architecture

When building enterprise software it is essential to architect a solution first so the solution will stand the test of time, have the required quality and meet or surpass your expectations.

Architecture is easily understood by reviewing the attributes of software quality then thinking about what would happen if your new system failed to recognize the importance of some or all of these attributes. After considering the required system inputs and outputs, and how to support the quality attributes, the architect can choose a technology to deliver the best result.

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development is entirely different from the more commonly termed Rapid Application Development (RAD). The latter focuses, as its name suggests, on getting something working fast.

Enterprise development has many more requirements, the key one being the need to use experienced developers who, with every line of code they write, must be vigilant and consider if the line, method, class or library is enterprise quality. For example, will the code perform when processing very high volumes, is it highly secure, is it reusable and can it be easily understood by others reading it?

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