Sitecore Professional Services

FuseIT has been building Sitecore websites since 2008. We have solved so many enterprise challenges it is likely we can solve yours without needing to reinvent the wheel.

Sitecore has many advanced features to help you promote your products and services. Fully leveraging these features to advance your online brand requires an implementation partner familiar with Sitecore at all levels. FuseIT understands the sales and marketing capabilities of Sitecore which include analytics and personalization. It is in these areas where Sitecore excels over its competitors, and where your investment in the technology can be best rewarded.

Our forte is creating best practice websites that attract visitors to submit an inquiry or purchase a product or service. We ask our clients to work with their favorite design shop for the look and feel, which we implement.


Sitecore Consulting

FuseIT works with clients to understand their business, customers, and challenges. We then use our knowledge of Sitecore to engineer a solution that will drive more visitors to engage with your company.

Our extensive experience means we are well placed to maximize the benefits of your significant investment in Sitecore.

Sitecore Implementation

We take pride in building Sitecore websites the right way. We've seen what can happen. Inexperience often results in websites that perform poorly, are inflexible to use, and very difficult to restore to a working state once the production website is live.

FuseIT's architect websites to work. With so much experience in this space, you will never hear us say, "Sitecore cannot do that".

Sitecore Integration

Integration is in our DNA - see our enterprise integration products.

Successful integration requires architectural, security, infrastructure and development skills, and the ability to understand and embrace disparate systems.

Over the years, FuseIT has created a huge library of Sitecore and Salesforce integration functionality.

Sitecore Upgrades

We've done dozens! Upgrading Sitecore can be technically challenging. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

Upgrading requires a very specific and hard-to-find type of experience - upgrade experience.

FuseIT has upgraded high volume Sitecore websites as far back as Sitecore version 6.2.

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