Sitecore Content and Image Slider

The Sitecore Content and Image Slider is a FREE, but unsupported, Sitecore package. It has no advertising, spyware, nag screens, or time restrictions.

The slider is very flexible in its configuration from within Sitecore. The following are top level configurations:

  • Slider height and width
  • Heading, link, text and navigation colors
  • Auto and continuous scrolling
  • Scroll speed and duration

Individual slides can also be configured from within Sitecore:

  • Slide title
  • Image
  • URL redirect
  • Left Margin
  • Text Width

For advanced tweaking, you can edit the css. Please note the slider needs access to the JQuery library from the slider page. 


Download zip 


After you have used the slider we encourage you to tell us how it can be made better.  Please drop us a line via our contacts form.

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