Enterprise Integration Products

Integrating best-of-breed software makes very good business sense. With key data residing in your already optimized technologies, it is much simpler to unify these systems to add value than to buy or build a new solution with its high cost, disruptive impact, and associated development risk.

Our performance optimized enterprise integrations have had features additions over many years and can now be found deployed into some of the world's most active websites.

Content Manager to Salesforce® Integration

FuseIT recognizes the significant business value of extending HPE Content Manager features to Salesforce®. To enable this FuseIT have several integration products to cater for both Salesforce® and Micro Focus Content Manager centric users. Connectors are available to push and pull documents from within Salesforce®, or push and pull documents from within Micro Focus Content Manager.

Sitecore for Salesforce® Connector

The S4S connector lets Sitecore websites seamlessly exchange information with Salesforce®. It achieves comprehensive integration at data, security, personalization, email processing and reporting levels. Get the best possible business value from your Salesforce® and Sitecore investments using S4S.

Sitecore to Content Manager Connector

Add robust record keeping to Sitecore by integrating with Micro Focus Content Manager. Making CM files available for use on your internal or external website means staff can quickly view or add documents to CM from their web browser. The integration, called SooT, tightly controls access to the ERDMS by using CM's own granular security model coupled to the extensive security offered by Sitecore.

Accredo to Salesforce® Integration

Companies considering cloud-based accounting systems may be able to gain the advantages of cloud computing without moving away from their existing investment in Accredo. FuseIT's proven integration between the two systems leaves your Accredo instance unchanged while also making it available to selected Salesforce® users.

.NET to Salesforce® Connector

The G4S (generic .NET for Salesforce) connector (or G4S) is software that lets any Microsoft system using ASP.NET seamlessly exchange information with Salesforce®. The connector achieves bi-directional real-time integration via the Salesforce Partner API. G4S is the robust engine behind many of our other enterprise integrations.

Utility Products

 These products are designed to improve the operational effectiveness of administrators and developers.

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