Download Web Accessible Files

This Microsoft Windows application automatically downloads files as they appear at a web-available endpoint. The endpoint is regularly scanned to identify and download new or changed files. Once configured, the download process is seamless and does not require user involvement. 


Download Salesforce Data Exports

The FuseIT Downloader can be used for localizing Salesforce Data exports. The export files are regularly created in Salesforce using the scheduler at Salesforce > Settings > Data > Data Export. The files, in zip format, still need to be manually downloaded from Salesforce to a local server to create a true out-of-cloud backup and this needs to happen quickly! After 48 hours, Salesforce removes the files and does the same if a new Data Export is queued.

The FuseIT Downloader seamlessly detects when these files first appear and downloads them to a nominated folder on a local device, server, or network drive. This simplifies and extends the Data Export command-line and GUI options in the FuseIT SFDC Explorer. The FuseIT Downloader's key features are: 

  • Graphical user interface
    • Download progress is available at a glance
    • Additional settings are easily configured
    • Control download operations on individual files or whole lists
  • Automatic audit trail
    • Data exports remain on the list even after they disappear from Salesforce
    • Audit trail logging of update results and individual file downloads
    • File logging with configurable detail level and retention
  • Supports multiple Salesforce orgs (instances)
    • All updates and downloads are performed by a single background task regardless of the number of orgs
    • Change the display name of your orgs to keep track of them
    • Audit trail per org
  • Improved reliability
    • Automatic update and download operations without using scheduled tasks
    • Uses Windows background transfer for reliable download and resumes of large files
    • Using a servlet is a more reliable export technique
    • Secure OAuth2 authentication without file or command-line configuration, no manual security tokens
    • Retries are performed on the next background download instead of immediately, allowing time for network issues to be resolved without permanent failure
    • Org export lists are automatically checked for failed downloads and files no longer available
  • Unattended notifications
    • Windows notifications raised for update failure after a configurable number of hours, download failure after max retries, downloads no longer available
    • Optional direct SMTP email notifications instead of Windows notifications, with automatic fallback if email sending fails
  • Paid product with support