The S4S Cloud Salesforce integration pushes web form submissions and visitor browsing behavior directly to Salesforce leads or contacts. Salesforce users can view the behavioral intelligence to get a better understanding of the prospect they are working with. The behavior data includes pages visited, the number of visits, visit durations, time/date of the last visit, visitor location, what device they used, how they arrived on the website, and more. During the sales cycle, Salesforce users can increase conversions by personalizing web content or pop-up messages to make the visitor's web experience more relevant.

Every website visitor is unique. Visitors arrive from different sources, expect different content, and are at different stages in the customer journey. Effective websites track behavior and personalize content to better meet the needs of every visitor.

S4S Cloud lets you push web form data, visitor behavior, and analytics directly to Salesforce. Sales reps are notified when a new record is created or a visitor returns to the website. They can also use behavioral intelligence to plan sales calls and approaches. During the sales cycle, reps can personalize web content in hundreds of ways to make it more relevant to each visitor. For example, content can be tailored based on visitor demographics, intent, interests, behavior, level of familiarity, and more.

S4S Cloud


Why do you need S4S Cloud?

S4S Cloud is about the individual visitor. Unlike quantitative tools, which focus on website A/B testing, heatmaps, and funnel analysis, S4S Cloud tracks the website activities of each visitor and personalizes their web experience based on their browsing behavior.

S4S Cloud can map a web form to any Salesforce object. This is typically a lead or a contract but can be any standard or custom object. When a visitor submits a web form they become identified, and their browsing behavior is attached to their record. In Salesforce this intelligence helps sales reps and support agents:

  • Identify which hot leads to process first based on website activity
  • Learn the prospect's state of mind, level of enthusiasm, and budget
  • Understand the effectiveness of the website marketing messages
  • Get a notification (or email) if a particular visitor returns to the website 

From within Salesforce, sales reps and support agents can also deliver website content personalizations to each website visitor: 

  • Target products or services they have expressed an interest in
  • During live calls, direct visitors to important web pages e.g. calendars, maps, downloads, hidden pages, competitors' websites, etc.
  • After each call, update the Salesforce record to cause S4S Cloud to personalize the website to reflect the conversation 


How does S4S Cloud work?

S4S Cloud introduces a very different approach to Salesforce integration by moving the form logic and intelligence from the website to Salesforce. Being uncoupled from the website means S4S Cloud supports any website or headless CMS. Of course, this includes Sitecore XM Cloud and is the perfect update for our S4S customers who upgrade to the cloud-based environment.  

S4S Cloud is a Salesforce application that receives lightweight calls from a visitor's browser. It can create or update Salesforce records and map web form values and behavior data to the record. Salesforce field values can also be mapped back to the client's browser to enable website personalization.


S4S Cloud Features

S4S Cloud focuses on delivering a first-class experience to every website visitor:

  • Map website forms to Salesforce
    • Create Salesforce leads, contacts, cases, etc.
    • Works in real-time so instant results in Salesforce
  • Push website behavior and analytics to Salesforce
    • Collect sales intelligence
    • Improves sales calls and campaign segmentation
    • Track website activity to determine when to follow up
  • Personalize each visitor's website content from Salesforce
    • Drive digital experience for future visits
    • Energize live sales calls with visual content


Too Good to be True?

Eliminating the intermediate data store between your website and Salesforce has many advantages:

  • Simple installation that supports all modern web technologies
  • Data is not shared with a third party
  • Client-side processing enables lightning-fast performance
  • Is independent of your web technology. Changing your CMS will have almost no impact on the integration and require no data migration
  • Visitors who browse the website using different devices have their behavioral data aggregated if they identify themselves on each device

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