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S4S is an enterprise integration between Sitecore and Salesforce that creates new opportunities to interact with customers. S4S makes any information in one system available to the other in real-time.

S4S shares Sitecore browsing behavior with your Salesforce team to help them understand your next customer. S4S features include a mapping wizard that pushes Sitecore form data to Salesforce, along with the Sitecore Experience Analytics. This helps sales reps view the lead's digital footprint and state of mind prior to sales calls. Conversely, Salesforce contains a wealth of data that Sitecore can use to create a personalized visitor experience. Sales reps can even tweak a Salesforce record to deliver a personalized web experience or page redirects during a sales call 

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The Power of S4S

Discover ways to work with customers without leaving Salesforce:

  • A visitor completes a Sitecore registration form
  • In Salesforce, a new lead immediately appears. It includes the Sitecore browsing behavior (analytics)
  • A sales rep learns more about the lead from the website browsing behavior
  • The rep changes field values in the lead record. Sitecore instantly adjusts the web experience
  • The rep calls the lead and, from Salesforce, populates links on the website to direct the lead to targeted pages - see S4S Now
  • The rep lists hot leads using a Salesforce report on Sitecore page visits


S4S Features

S4S helps in other ways (see use cases): 

  • Sitecore marketers can quickly map a Sitecore web form to any object in Salesforce using the S4S Form Mapping Wizard
  • Sitecore analytics in Salesforce can be mapped to marketing applications like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Marketo so outbound emails can be personalized based on the individual's web browsing behavior
  • Salesforce contacts can log in to Sitecore portal pages with credentials stored in their Salesforce record 
  • Sitecore marketers can import campaign and report lists from Salesforce for use with Sitecore Email Experience Manager - see S4SLB 

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S4S and Sitecore Forms

The S4S Form Mapping Wizard supports pushing Sitecore web form field values to any Salesforce object - usually a lead or a contact.

S4S Now

S4S Now is the perfect tool for inbound responders! Simply put, it lets sales reps take control of the caller's website in real-time during sales or support calls.

S4S Use Cases

S4S works in real-time which opens up a new world of integration opportunities. See examples of how our customers are using S4S.

S4S and your Business

S4S brings tangible benefits to sales and marketing teams in many industry verticals.

S4S List Builder

The S4S List Builder imports Salesforce campaigns and reports to Sitecore. The import creates Sitecore lists for Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM).

S4S EXM Module

S4S EXM extends the S4S List Builder by surfacing the effectiveness of Sitecore email campaigns in Salesforce.

Technical Features

S4S is purpose-built to integrate Sitecore and Salesforce. This enables transactions can be highly optimized so the integration is more transparent.

Release Notes

S4S has an impressive history of improvements dating back to its first release for Sitecore 6.1 in 2009.

Getting Started

Before installing S4S please check the minimum Sitecore and Salesforce requirements first.

S4S Developer Demo

Take advantage of free S4S expertise! FuseIT regularly runs web sessions that demo how to install S4S into one of our local environments.

S4S Assisted Installs

If you need to install S4S in your local environment call us and we can speed up the process with a free assisted install over GoToMeeting.


S4S announcements, support documentation, options, FAQs, and resources.

S4S Feedback

S4S never fails to impress when demoed by our team. FuseIT also gets great feedback from our free installation sessions and responses to support tickets.

Technical documentation

See our Atlassian online technical documentation. This includes installation instructions and usage examples. 

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S4S on YouTube

A selection of S4S marketing, sales, technical and usage videos.

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S4S vs Sitecore Connect

These Sitecore to Salesforce connectors have significantly different capabilities and support. See our comparison of their capabilities.

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